Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

As a full-service event agency, we’re on a mission to lead by example and cut down the environmental impact of our everyday operations.

We’re dedicated to making significant strides in improving our own environment-related metrics. Our action plans are rolled out in the short, medium, and long term, complete with periodic evaluations.

At Event Masters, being the biggest isn’t our main ambition. Instead, we aim to be a model organization. It’s our duty to conduct business sustainably and responsibly, showing immense respect both internally among colleagues and externally with suppliers, partners, and towards society and the environment. In line with this, we’re also an inclusive organization committed to building lasting relationships with our employees. This is an ongoing journey of improvement and enlightenment that will never cease.

Event Masters is eager to take many more steps by embracing our advisory and motivational role in the industry—and by extension, towards our clients, partners, and suppliers. Our primary goal is to reduce emissions. This is a never-ending pursuit of progress and improvement, fueled by evolving insights.

Kompanjon NPO

Kompanjon npo is committed to fair educational opportunities and a promising future for every child. They connect higher education students with socially vulnerable families. The students provide tailored, in-home study support and work broadly to strengthen the entire family. This approach encourages students to bridge the gap between school and family, offering unique learning opportunities in a context of diversity and inequality.

After an extensive search for a CSR project that truly matches the DNA of Event Masters, we have found the perfect match. Event Masters supports Kompanjon npo through its own operations, both financially and organisationally. Additionally, for every event we organise, our clients now have the option to make a voluntary contribution to Kompanjon npo. Organising an event with us also means supporting this wonderful organisation.

For more information about Kompanjon npo, please visit their website:

Travelife Partner

Event Masters has made significant strides in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. As a result, we now proudly hold the title of Travelife Partner. Travelife, established with support from the European Commission, is an internationally recognized sustainability certification for the travel sector. Given the international nature of our events, we at Event Masters have committed to embarking on this rigorous journey, which has yielded positive results.

Event Masters has reported on over 100 sustainability criteria covering areas like the sustainable operation of our offices, our product offerings, human rights, and the development of sustainable policies regarding transport, accommodations, activity and excursion providers, etc. The Travelife standard encompasses the ISO 26000 themes for corporate social responsibility and is formally recognized as fully aligned with the United Nations-supported Global Sustainable Tourism


Cunina is a Belgian independent development organisation that is active in 6 partner countries: Brazil, the Philippines, Haiti, Nepal, Uganda and South Africa. Their aim is to guarantee better access to and quality of primary and secondary education. Event Masters is a structural partner of Cunina and supports the project in Nepal. Thanks to our sponsorship project, 40 young people are able to graduate as Community Medical Assistants each year. As a structural partner, we had the honour of organising Cunina’s 25th anniversary in 2015. This gala dinner raised €1,000,000 to support the victims of the Nepal earthquake at the beginning of the year.

Don't spoil the party
As a member of the ACC, we also support the “Don’t Spoil the Party” initiative. This initiative aims to reduce the number of “no shows” at events, not only to reduce the costs of setup and catering for the event agencies, but also to help SOS Children’s Villages. After an event, the agency can send the list of “no shows” to SOS Children’s Villages who will send an email from ACC with a proposal to compensate for the waste with a donation to charity.

Ecology in the office

How could we make our new building as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible ? The first way was to cover our roof with solar panels. The solar panels from our previous building were taken along and reinstalled for this purpose. Furthermore, all our lighting is on the basis of LED lamps or natural light and we encourage our employees to come to work by bicycle. Our workforce grew by 80,000 new workers when we installed beehives on our sites . In this way we are contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly society. Our bees are cared for weekly by a professional beekeeper.

Buy 1, give 1

B1G1 helps companies around the world make measurable and long-lasting impacts through small projects. At Event Masters we choose to make a donation to B1G1 for every teambuilding. As a result, we have already financed a playground for underprivileged children, goats for Kenyan families, meals for underprivileged children in India and drinking water in Cambodia.

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