Absolutely Flabbergasted!

Absolutely Flabbergasted!


For Incentive masters Olivier and Evelien it’s time to go and buy sunscreen and dust off their hiking boots. After having explored Europe’s hotspots, we’re ready to extend our horizons. You can take that literally: there’s a trend towards distant destinations again. Be warned Panama, China and Peru: Event Masters is on its way!

Incentive experience

The economic markets are recording more positive results and companies dare to dream again. This is also reflected in the choice of an incentive. However, companies are shifting the focus from lavish luxury – lobster, caviar and champagne – to experience.

“On the menu: no classics like lobster, caviar and champagne, but a true experience“

Thanks to the World Wide Web, TV programs such as ‘Reizen Waes’ and low-cost airlines that offer cheap tickets all across the globe, the sky is the limit.

Incentive organisers are facing the challenge to continuously amaze their travellers and offer them something to remember. It is definitely to our advantage that emphasis is on giving unforgettable experiences. We are, and always have been, committed to turning events into experiences. We happily take on any challenge to create once in a lifetime experiences.

Imagine preparing lunch with local Panamanian tribes, having dinner with views to the Panama Canal, or spending the night in a luxury motorhome at the foot of the Yellow Mountain in China. Nothing is too crazy for our customers, and we love to make their dreams a reality. Our mission: leave our guests flabbergasted.

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