How an Event agency can create a positive and lasting impact on lifestyle

How an Event agency can create a positive and lasting impact on lifestyle

Mens sana in corpore sano. Healthy eating and living. We’re constantly being bombarded with health advice from all sides, urging us to diet and work out. So we’re cooking nutritious recipes from Pascal Naessens, and forcing ourselves to move. Nothing wrong with that in itself. Who wouldn’t want to be healthy at any age?

A healthy event for Renmans

Butcher Renmans voluntarily provides information about allergens and calorie intake to its customers. The company also wants to encourage healthy and conscious living among its group chefs, particularly because it is a very topical subject in its industry. Furthermore, it would allow the chefs to share their knowledge of a healthy lifestyle with all the branch butcheries. When Event Masters received the briefing, we were determined to organise something that would make a lasting impact.

Passionate for life

So we came up with ‘Passionate for Life’: a three-day event in Barvaux focused on learning about and getting a taste of healthy living. Our mission was to provide the group chefs with the tools required for a healthy and conscious lifestyle, and create a lasting impact.

On the first day, several experts talked about ergonomics and healthy eating. All participants received a sports bracelet, and nutritionists created menus to make them familiar with a balanced diet. Even though some of the ingredients were unknown to the chefs, they were willing to try them out. We also measured their body composition: a model for estimating biological age. The results left some of the chefs somewhat surprised and showed them why it’s so important to embrace a conscious lifestyle.

Before the event kicked off, we asked the chefs what drives them, what their favourite hobbies are and what they are passionate about in life. On the second day we tested their hobbies, but added a twist. They played football with bumper balls, as well as a ‘living’ table soccer game. They had to make their way through a course on an electric scooter, learned how to do aikido and went on an alternative fishing trip. All in all a fun and very sportive day. It was noteworthy that the participants were constantly looking at their sports bracelets to check their heart rate and see how many calories that had burnt. At the end of the day, nearly all of them had reached their activity goals.

We ended the three-day session with a bootcamp, discussed the test results and handed out individual schemes with tips for a healthy and conscious lifestyle.