Online teambuildings and year-end events are a huge success with Event Masters.

Online teambuildings and year-end events are a huge success with Event Masters.

Event Masters also faced enormous challenges in March 2020. Companies were wondering how to keep their teams connected and how to make them resilient to societal, technological and social changes. As the market leader in teambuilding, Event Masters quickly developed a wide range of online activities. And they are a great success.

Working from home and globalisation

Globalisation, and now also Covid-19, are the driving forces behind the growth of telecommuting. Actually, it is remarkable that there previously weren’t many online initiatives like these online teambuildings. Because even before Covid-19, it was already estimated that remote working would increase by 43% by 2023 (source: Catalyst). Teams working remotely face geographic, cultural and linguistic challenges. But working from home, along with the physical distance, also causes a lack of shared identity between colleagues. So, Event Masters wanted to provide an appropriate answer to this.

The range of online teambuildings

That is why Event Masters has developed a complete package of online teambuildings. From a short conference energizer, to team activities with clear learning objectives, through to teambuildings with a high fun content. These are not just derivatives of an ‘offline’  teambuilding, but standalone concepts, each with their own focus and impact.

A solution has been developed for every occasion and technology. The activities range from 15 minutes to programmes of more than 2 hours, and are offered for groups of 6 to 1000 people, in Dutch, French and/or English. App-based or web-based, via Zoom, Teams or another digital platform. The presenter always gives an extensive live briefing at the start, as if he were in your living room. Event Masters also always provides technical support during the game and at least one supervisor per four teams to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

“I would just like to thank you for the great game yesterday! I've received only positive feedback yesterday and today: everyone really unleashed their competitive spirit!“
~ Katrien Weytjens , Communications & Digital Manager CREATON Benelux nv

Event Masters has already charmed plenty of customers with an online activity. The Christmas-themed year-end events were a definite hit. Companies can certainly take the step of holding an online activity to strengthen ties with colleagues during the online New Year’s receptions.

Here to stay

The online teambuildings will remain in the Event Masters range. This means the company is totally ready for the future. Just think of all the companies that are widely distributed, nationally or internationally, or companies that always work remotely. They too are entitled to a real team experience.

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