Why a dinner can be the perfect team-building outing

Why a dinner event can be the perfect team-building outing

What will it be? A GPS orienteering game through the city? A multi-team sport camp? Or just games on the beach? It’s time for the annual team-building day. And you need to choose an activity from an enormous range of possibilities. What is most suitable for your employees? What will everyone enjoy? Try a dinner event! After all, dinner events are always popular. You have everything and everyone under one roof. Everyone has time to talk and bond. And, quite frankly, everyone needs to eat anyway. But a dinner event delivers far more than a satiated appetite.

The perfect closer

After a busy day full of meetings and projects, there’s nothing better than relaxing and letting your thoughts of work wash away. Doing this leaves you fully charged and ready to dive into a new day of work in the morning. And a dinner event is ideal for helping you to relax and recharge. Not only does everyone enjoy a good meal, but you also introduce an element of fun to the proceedings. Our murder mystery game—similar to the world-famous game Cluedo—makes your dinner event the perfect team-building activity.

A wonderful evening for everyone

Some people enjoy solving mathematical equations, some love nothing more than putting their organisational skills to the test and others are good at solving cryptic puzzles … All these skills are needed during the challenging dinner events we arrange for you. You’ll also note that there are no physical challenges: anyone who is less than enthusiastic about sport and action will still be able to enjoy themselves throughout the evening. With a wide range of different types of games, there is always one that seamlessly responds to the interests of your company and your employees. The only difficulty you’ll have is finding an employee who doesn’t enjoy the activity!

Adapted to your needs and desires

A number of our games can be completely personalised. Take a look at the Battle of the Tables. This is a game where your participants use iPads to answer questions and complete various assignments. We tailor it to your company and your employees to create an evening of fun and laughter. Your employees will question how Frank once again made a blunder of the quarterly figures, or solve the mystery of who bumped the car in the parking lot. You can even choose to link the game to a meeting or project. Just check that everyone will be able to understand every subject you touch on.

There’s no time needed

Nothing is as unpredictable as a day of work. There are often meetings that run over time. And how often do you discover your projects are going to need more time than originally planned? It’s possible that on the day of your dinner event, a meeting takes place that runs through to the end of the day. Luckily, you won’t need to be worried about this at all. If you arrive an hour late for your dinner event? Proceedings begin when you’re ready. The lost time is easily compensated with the extra time we schedule between games.

Everyone sees a different side of the people they work with

At least, this is how it often works at the time that you truly get to know your colleagues outside the workplace. The HR manager suddenly becomes a great person away from her desk and maybe Jan from Finance turns out to be a whizz at answering showbiz questions. A dinner event is ideal for getting to know your colleagues in a different way. And that’s not just good for the atmosphere at work: you also gain respect for each other. And who knows? A true friendship could also appear between colleagues who had previously known next to nothing about each other.