Why Teamtraining is the next big thing

Why Teamtraining is the next big thing

Teamtraining is a combination of teambuilding and training. It’s a new method of coaching that uses a teambuilding activity as a base. During a challenging activity, observers make detailed group and behavioural analyses of the employees. Afterwards, a certified coach bundles the notable observations together to create a concrete improvement trajectory. Teamtraining runs in four steps: an intake interview, an observation, a coaching session and an extensive debriefing.

There’s no reason to look any further for a creative idea for your annual teambuilding day: Teamtraining is a win-win situation: fun for your participating employees and full of interesting information for your company. But, to remove any doubts you may have, we decided to share seven reasons to choose Teamtraining.

7 reasons why you should choose Teamtraining – a new way of coaching:

1. Teamtrainigg is new. Brand new. And so it is ideal for HR people or managers who are looking for an original, constructive and relaxing activity that also benefits the Learning & Development process in their company. After all, you don’t want to go bowling or kayaking every year, do you? Teamtrainingis an ideal alternative where you, as a company manager, see your employees learn and evolve, while your employees themselves are left happy and satisfied.

“After all, you don’t want to go bowling or kayaking every year, do you?“

2. Teamtraining is based on a teambuilding activity that is already aimed at collaboration, learning to communicate and thinking and acting creatively. This makes the annual training day for your employees a lot more fun. It brings the group together and allows them to strive for a shared goal. The big advantage here is that it removes the self-conscious realisation that they’re being observed. Your participating employees are focused on the activities they’re performing. The day itself is fun and it proves to be highly educational afterwards.

3. Are you familiar with the 70-20-10 model? It was created by Charles Jennings to help with the organisation of Learning & Development programmes. Take a look at it and you’ll see that you learn most through experience: by doing something. Teamtraining is, first and foremost, an experience. Furthermore, our society is evolving more towards competences that start with doing and experiencing (cfr. Fourth Industrial Revolution) as problem-solving abilities and emotional intelligence. Teamtraining sets out from this experience.

4. Teamtraining is a new way of coaching. And that in itself is refreshing. With a classic Learning & Development programme, you try to change behaviour and underlying motives. It has only partial success. But Teamtraining can observe the behaviour of participants immediately, on the spot. As such, we discover the underlying motives and are free to respond to them.

5. Individuals versus the group: both are very objectively perceptible in the process. Research also shows that motivation in employees increases when they see they are valued as part of the whole, and how well the team itself performs. That is exactly what a teambuilding program does and thanks to the coaches who are present, we too can always objectively see the role of the individual, but also the role of the team.

“Teamtraining is a true experience“

6. There’s no other way to put it: the ROI of Teamtraining is high. We address three intelligence centres: thinking, feeling and doing. In this increasingly fast changing society, it is becoming more and more difficult for our ratio to incorporate all these influences and rules. This is why Teamtraining primarily targets the two intelligence centres; ‘feeling’ and ‘doing’ are present considerably more than ‘thinking’. The experience ultimately ensures that the participants feel good and, afterwards, remember a lot more.

7. The Teamtraining programmes by Event Masters are certified as SME training. As such, as an entrepreneur, you can also receive financial support for our Teamtraining programmes and in doing so, raise the quality of your business. Did you also know that thanks to the discounts available via the SME portfolio, your Teamtraining programme often proves to be cheaper than a teambuilding programme? Even with the location hire included!

Are you still not convinced? You have nothing to lose. Teamtraining is a new approach to coaching that responds, in full, to the trends in modern society. Everyone in the organisation benefits from it: employer, employee, HR personnel or HR manager. It’s certainly worth a try!

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