Why work with an events agency?

Why work with an events agency?

We get why you would think this. Why would I hire an events agency for my (international) event? It will only cost me money and anyone can organise a ‘party’, right? Well, you are wrong. Allow us to explain why you should hire an events agency.

Not everyone is a natural born organizer

Organising a good event really involves a lot more than you think. And organising it yourself can be a huge source of stress, taking you out of your comfort zone. Organising events is part and parcel of an events agency’s DNA. Contracting out your event also means you are not responsible yourself for certain risks. And often, your personnel or customer event is the most important event of the year, for the company. This only adds to the burden. A burden that the events manager will gladly take off your hands. What’s more, an events agency often has dozens of years of experience, often organising hundreds of events a year for different customers. So believe us when we say that we’ve already encountered most of the problems and obstacles.

You want something original and unique

If you think that we just pull a concept out of the drawer, then think again. We believe an event should reflect the client’s company culture. And this is different for every company. Meaning no event will ever be the same. As an events agency, we also invest in our staff and always ensure that they are aware of the latest new developments in the sector. A new location, technology, caterer or artist? We are always the first to know.

“We don’t have the budget for this”

Please believe us, we are not out to fleece you. We prefer to talk about a ‘partnership’. As your events supplier, we are your partner, and will be notifying you of every change to the budget. An event must also be part of the marketing communication mix. Like every other channel, it must be budgeted in other words. Obviously this has its price, but the cost is clear from the outset. When you organise events yourself, you run the risk of losing the overview and not being in control of the purse strings. Instead of organising an event every year, you can also opt to organise a major event every two to three years.

You don’t have the time

Finding the right suppliers and checking everything takes loads of time. And to be honest, as an events manager, we have all the right contacts. For the most part we have already worked with certain suppliers, so we know that we can rely on their flexibility. Meaning we can respond quickly and can call on the right suppliers to turn your event into a success.

Investing in your employees can be rewarding

Happy, committed employees are a must for any healthy company. Your employees will feel happier if you invest in them but your customers will also notice the difference. Customer satisfaction can increase by up to 42%. An employee event is also part of the story of the company and its workforce. It inspires pride and appreciation. External satisfaction starts with your people.

You may not have the right knowledge, experience or creativity. The dedicated Event Masters team will gladly show you how to transform your event into an experience. We think along with you.