Call to Care for Animal Welfare' Symposium

At Maison de la Poste, the ‘Call to Care for Animal Welfare’ symposium took place. Here, ministers from various regions convened to engage in significant discussions regarding the future of European legislation for animal welfare.

Our dedicated PCO team organized this event and took care of all aspects of its organization, from the initial preparations to the final details on the day itself. Over 300 prominent guests enjoyed engaging presentations, panel discussions, and the introduction of a new European directive. As a result, an inspiring and high-level symposium emerged, discussing the pathway for the future of animal welfare.

“Event Masters’ PCO team – consisting of, among others, Nathalie Troch, Dag Thielemans and Bo Jonckers Wittevrongel – is distinguished by their warm, friendly approach and enthusiasm, which contributed to a positive atmosphere during event planning and execution.

Based on our experience, we heartily recommend Event Masters as a reliable partner for organising events.

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