ICMM - Centennial Talks

International Committee on Military Medicine: a hybrid warm-up

The 44th ICMM World Congress – originally scheduled for 2021, but canceled for known reasons – will take place in The Square in Brussels in September 2022. In anticipation of this and to keep teasing the participants, Event Masters has already organized a full-fledged hybrid event for the participants in the meantime.

Looking forward to the live meeting in 2022

We chose a hybrid-event location to make it a dynamic whole, including attention to protocol moments and a surprising show element! About 50 live and 250 digital participants from around the world were presented with high-quality and scientific content by top-notch speakers. One of the speakers even did his presentation from Israel!

With the title ICMM Centennial Talks, we created an online and live experience that took the participants into a broadcast full of inspiring moments, with a reverent retrospective to the rich past. Our main message is that we are looking forward to meeting the participants live at the 44th ICMM World Congress in Brussels in 2022.


This hybrid event is part of a full communications campaign to get participants excited about the live event in 2022. Before the hybrid event, we also created plenty of buzz on social media and in the coming year we will be releasing podcasts, scheduling interesting mailings and distributing content on the various online channels.

Some Facts & Figures

250 online participants from no less than 56 countries
50 live participants
+2.5 hour show
5 cameras
10 technicians on site
6 dancers
1 dedicated team
“Fantastic live presentation. Really enjoyed the content and professionalism of this event and think the Congress in 2022 will be amazing! Well done! “