Long-haul destinations that make you dream. This type of incentive has been getting quite a lot of attention lately and has become more popular with companies. Brazil certainly belongs on that list.

In the bustling Natal region, you can enjoy an average of 30°C weather all year round. Think sun, sea, beaches, caipirinhas & beach buggies. The perfect destination to visit during the Belgian winter!

Possible activities in this region

Step into a beach buggy and drive to the dunes of Genipabu. It promises to be a spectacular trip along the beaches and large sand dunes. Or take a quad, park it on the beach by the ocean, go swimming and enjoy grilled langoustines and delicious fresh fish in the typical beach bars for lunch. We can also take you and your party on a sunset boat tour with BBQ on board. During the trip, you will discover the mangroves and small fishing colonies.

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