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Unknown is often unloved

Maybe not the most well-known destination, but it shouldn’t be overlooked! This bohemian, eclectic and innovative city is just an hour from London.

The total train ride from Brussels then takes about three hours, but given that we gain one hour, that makes it only two! The city is on the coast, which immediately adds an extra dimension to your stay.

By bike, discover the city centre, a graffiti workshop under the watchful eye of a renowned graffiti artist where we ask everyone to design their own skateboard, a vintage car ride into the Sussex countryside, a pop-up stand at a local market with your products, a traditional fish & chips lunch with a sea view, a wine tasting in the countryside (wine in the UK I hear you say? Yes it’s true!) or simply a BBQ lunch by the water with some motorised activities such as jet skis, power boats and a DJ who provides the right vibes … enough inspiration?For those who set great store in sustainability: a brunch or dinner in the zero waste restaurant Silo.

Brighton has everything to offer like London, but in a more comprehensible way and with the added bonus that it’s situated by the sea so you immediately have that holiday feeling.

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