Here, you’ll get the impression that you’re on a different planet

Cappadocia is a wonderful destination for slightly smaller groups looking for something more original and personal.

In the somewhat bizarre moon-like landscape of Cappadocia, you get the impression that you’re on a completely different planet. This unique landscape, created once upon a time by volcanoes and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, combined with a stay in a unique rock-cut cave hotel, will undoubtedly make for an unforgettable incentive trip.

Watch the sun rise in a hot air balloon ride

A number of quintessential but downright fantastic activities make a stay in Cappadocia even more special, such as taking an early morning hot air balloon ride to watch the sun rise over the region’s mystical landscape, or experiencing the sunset on horseback while riding through the valleys. Or how about an al fresco breakfast in the valley while you enjoy a beautiful panorama over the valley. Or a surprise performance at dinner by whirling dervishes? They perform a traditional worship dance that originated from spiritual beliefs. The possibilities and elements of surprise are endless!

If you want to go for an incentive programme that is different from anywhere in the world, Cappadocia has all the aces in its hand!

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