The perfect combination between the Cultural Cuba and the beautiful nature of Costa Rica.

In Europe, Panama is mainly known for 2 things:

Anyone who has ever had the chance to visit this Latin American country knows that this should be far from the only things this country is famous for.

Panama is located between Costa Rica and Colombia and has everything an incentive destination needs:

With a direct flight from Amsterdam of +/- 10 hours you land in Panama City, where you’re immediately immersed in the busy urban life of this capital city.

“There are no less than 50 skyscrapers measuring over 150 metres and the city is bustling with nightlife, good restaurants and the most prominent hotel chains.“

Our trip, however, begins outside the city, half an hour from Panama City on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. An oasis of peace with a view of the boats that are ready to enter the canal.

This will be our base for 2 nights and 3 days, after which we’ll return to the hustle and bustle of the city.

During these 3 days we will explore:

We end our experience with a few nights in the hustle and bustle of Panama City where we

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