BEA Awards. Share The Spotlight.

An award show organised by the event sector, for the event sector.

On March 27, 2019, around 750 people coming from the events sector witnessed the new concept for the BEA Awards: Share the Spotlight.

With Share the Spotlight, we champion more connection in the event sector. All actors in the events world, from agencies to caterers to technical partners, are indispensable in creating a successful event. Each partner therefore deserves the necessary spotlight. Moreover, we asked all partners to share their spotlight with one or more competitors; there were multiple caterers, two partners for the registrations, two partners for the crew, various technical partners… In this way, we created an event for and by the sector.

Unique: Live project presentations

To guarantee this spotlight for all finalists, they were invited to Lamot on the day itself to present their project live to the jury and the general public. In the evening, the competition reached its apotheosis in the Nekkerhal where we further elaborated on the sharing concept. Each partner was given its spotlight, and both well-known and lesser-known faces from the industry also welcomed the guests with positive quotes. The room layout was refreshing: the shape of a spotlight, supplemented with 5 stages; one in front of the entrance to immediately put the guests in the spotlight, and one for each award. To create a dynamic whole, the award ceremony was interspersed with surprising and tasteful acts.

The successful double event, in the Lamot Congress Center during the day and in the Nekkerhal in the evening, was the result of many months of preparation and collaboration between more than 40 partners. Whether it’s audiovisual materials, animation, catering or one of the many other ingredients of the BEA event, the BEA partners are all top professionals in their field. Each of these companies provided a fantastic contribution to make the day and evening an undeniable success. All together, we put the sector in the spotlight in a beautiful way.