Digital year-end company event

Going out with a bang

An interactive, digital year-End Company Event.

Our client wanted to say thanks to all her employees for their incredible performance in the exceptional year 2020. The focus of the event was on engaging, entertaining, socializing and celebrating. Quite the challenge for a fully digital event.

The result: A whirling and dynamic live show in superhero theme.

“The live show went amazingly well, broadcasted on a stable web platform, details were taken care of…the full monty! Nothing but rave comments!“
~ Happy Client

A tease before the event

Before the start of the event, we made the participants curious with a personalized box delivered right at their doorstep. They could not open the box until they received a code during the live event.

TV-like show
The event itself had a high level of entertainment thanks to various presenters who either presented in the studio or from home. Mentalist Gili added some magic to the event and in addition, there were live broadcasts from various locations, chats, polls and Q&a’s.

In short: A real TV show with several surprise moments for the participants. They went out with a bang!

digital year-End Company Event
digital year-End Company Event