Toyota - Talent at the Table

Toyota not only stands for the talent to build cars, but the company also has talented musicians, artists and athletes. We built a day full of unique experiences for each group with tailor-made activities and interesting guests and speakers.

The 200 guests were seated at the table with colleague dealers and an interesting guest, based on their field of interest. In Docks Dome we created 3 experience spaces that referred to the 3 themes. Music lovers could play music and mix together and experience carpool karaoke – in a real Toyota – with none other than Blanche or Grace. Athletic guests were given a Golden Medal Red Lion at their table and competed against them in a hocky speed challenge. Creative minds had the opportunity to explore their limits on the digital graffiti wall, and Peter Bernaerts of the famous auction house in Antwerp offered a very professional and enthusiastic glimpse behind the scenes.