Sibelga. The Magic Castle Adventure

A family mission to safe the castle!

Sibelga’s family day was one for the photo album. Professor Gabiles had lost all his energy and needed the employees of Sibelga and their families to recapture that energy and save the magical world. Water, fire, air and earth competed with and against each other to collect as much energy as possible. Through various activities such as a haka, bubble football, a scavenger hunt, a zip line, and more, the families could earn energy bands. At the end of the day, everyone gathered for the apotheosis and the magical castle was saved!

This exceptional event, combining team spirit and family in a magical theme, received the necessary praise:

“I was working outside the house this morning and just got to my desk. And I’d like to start with a message to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great family day. Not just for yesterday, but for all the previous days. It was a real challenge to get everything set up what with the rain and wind from Friday and Saturday. I’m keenly aware that you all had to put a lot of energy into setting it up. And hopefully you survived the dismantling and slept well. So a special thank you to your teams as well, I won’t mention any names so as not to forget anybody but they all worked so hard to make this day a fantastic day. When I saw Johnny hopping on the grass with his broken foot to make sure the corporate body building was working, the picture was clear once again. Event Masters is simply about “giving it everything”.