Building Bridges

Amount of people: Van 20 to 500
Timing: Maximum of 2h30
Location: In your buildings or a location of your choosing

An exciting building project where teams need to work together to design and build an impressive, connected and continuous bridge.

Take your team building to the next level and have a coach guide you?

Game Play

In this ambitious challenge, the teams each build a certain part of the bridge. They do this in line with the specific instructions and requirements of the client. At the same time, they give an assignment to the team next to them. Everyone needs to strictly keep to the plans and overcome all communication barriers.


All the different parts need to form a single, stable and properly connected bridge. It must be strong enough for a remote-controlled car to cross over it.

Collaboration: uniting teams
Challenging competition: values personalisation
Proces improvement
Communication strategy
Learning & development: entertraining
Cross functional: co-operation
Brand awareness
Brainstorming technique: reflection & action