Build an exact copy of the original model

As a team you have to build an exact copy of the original model, that only a part of the team can see. The goal is to build a model from very simple elements, following the chosen strategy within a limited amount of time, with as few errors as possible.

Amount of people: 4 to .. (teams of 5 to 8 players)
Timing: Minimum 1 hour, maximum of 2 hours
Location: In your buildings or a location of your choice

Within the team there are different roles: Architect-Builder-Feedback and Courier.

Objective: To exactly recreate the model within the team. The time is short and the participants can only use limited verbal communication. To successfully complete this task, they must discuss a good communication strategy to ‘indirectly’ convey the right information. Quite a challenge!

  • Teamtraining

The construction time is up. All copies and original structures are collected. Ultimately, the team can discover whether they have been able to make a worthy copy and whether their strategy has worked.