The Vikings

Following in the footsteps of the Vikings

Amount of people: 20 to 1000
Timing: A minimum of 2.5 hours, a maximum of 4.5 hours
Location: A location of your choosing
Make a real drakkar! Build a lightning-fast boat in which the whole team fits so you can finish a course as quickly as possible.

Game Play

The teams are given about three hours in which to build, decorate and have their own drakkar (a Viking ship) ready to sail. With a step-by-step construction plan and a few basic materials, they build the skeleton, the hull and oars for the ship. Hoisting, painting and waterproofing are all part of the challenge. Don’t forget to make your team recognisable and to proudly paint your team insignia on the sail.


We conclude with a rowing competition. The team that completes the race fastest is given the honour of being the best Vikings. Hägar would be proud!