There are strange things happening in the Gempemolen mill …

Or more accurately, strange things have already happened!

Willy, a local, fifth-generation miller lives together with his talkative but oh-so-helpful wife Marie-Jeanne in the centuries-old Gempemolen mill.

They hired Harry, a timid and somewhat unworldly miller’s servant, back when he was 10 years old. An unfortunate kid whose mother was murdered …

With artisanal grains available, milling has not been earning so much lately, and so Willy gives tours of his mill and Marie-Jeanne makes delicious, homemade meals.

You’re invited to attend one of Willy’s tours.

As soon as your hosts receive you, it seems like something is not quite right …

Willy had not expected you to come that day. Plus, he thinks it’s about time that everyone found out what mysterious events have been taking place in and around the mill over the years.

What follows is a mysterious, exciting and – at times – hilariousvevening in the delightful company of Willy, wife Marie-Jeanne andvmiller’s servant Harry.

You are guaranteed an evening you’ll remember long after it ends!

A social team-building activity where you get to know your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.
An unexpected dinner with a lurid touch and a beautiful, unexpected plot.
An involving, interactive play, in a genuinely cosy location, in combination with a country dinner: a unique experience that your guests will be talking about until long after.
You learn about the fascinating history of the mill as well as the experiences of its owners.