The Fight

Get ready for the ‘fight of the night!’

Imagine yourself in the 1920s

It’s some time at the end of the 1920s and the beginning of the 1930s. The Great Depression is in full swing, Prohibition is making its mark felt on American cities, Al Capone and other gangsters reign supreme, illegal gambling and drinking is at an all-time high and the Charleston is unstoppable. Decadent parties are everywhere.

This is also the time when illegal boxing matches were raising a furore. The beau monde gathered in unknown places around the boxing ring to gamble. This forms the background and the theme of your event.

Care to place a little bet?

Upon arriving at the event location, two ‘bookmakers’ hand your guests a pack of dollar bills. The reception begins.

After the reception, the guests are invited to their tables. In the centre of the tables is a real boxing ring. Before dinner is served, thunderous music sounds, the boxing ring is brightly lit and a commentator steps into the ring. With plenty of bravura, he explains to the guests that there is a genuine boxing match taking place that evening. There is plenty of excitement as both boxers, accompanied by their colourful coaches, are introduced and interviewed.

During the dinner, the bookmakers make their way from table to table to close bets, encouraging the guests to bet on ‘their’ boxer.

It’s then time for the long-awaited fight of the night.

With fiery words, the commentator whips up the crowd and starts the match, which is filled with tension and unexpected moments. When the match is finally settled, the guests can go to the bookmakers to collect. The winnings can be used in an auction to buy a bottle of champagne.

This activity brings you back to the sultry, heated atmosphere of the boxing matches of times gone by. An exquisite dinner, appropriate music and clothing, an exciting boxing match (there is actual boxing) and possibly a casino afterwards! A unique evening of spectacle for your guests that they’ll be talking about for a long time afterwards.