Welcome at Château

An exclusive, illustrious dinner with a lurid touch and a brilliant, surprising plot.

Your company arrives punctually in the car park of the impressive Château, just as the invitation asked:

‘We, Jean-Paul de Bellancourt de Zeelhem, together with my royal household, have the honour and the pleasure to invite you, as selected company, to my exquisite property for a distinguished dinner. Your promptness will be highly appreciated.’

“A confused butler opens the door. He doesn’t know anything about the gathering …“
~ Are you sure that you were invited for this day?

Count de Bellancourt appears to be an eccentric character who is happy to receive you and your guests.

After an aperitif you are seated for the first course of a delicious five-course dinner. Oddly enough, every course is served in a different room in the enormous Château …

Meanwhile, the count tells the strange tale of his mysterious family history. But isn’t it a little too interwoven with poetic licence? Isn’t the butler trying a little too hard to hide some of the smaller facts?

And most of all, why isn’t little Armand allowed to speak to the guests?

If walls could talk …