Can your team create a perfect atmosphere?

Recognise individual strengths
Work within a deadline
Think outside the box
Collaborate and share problem solving skills
In Atmosphere teams identify the missing elements and add them to the formula to create the perfect atmosphere.

Humanity is facing a historic event, as the colonization of Mars is imminent. After months in space, preparations for landing are already in full swing. Your team has received the most important mission: you and your team have been selected to create an atmosphere that enables people to live and work on the new planet. A brilliant scientist has developed a chemical formula for an artificial atmosphere. For safety reasons, the formula kept in a locked box and hidden within a series of puzzles. Solve the puzzles to discover the formula to create a perfect atmosphere.

However, it turns out that this formula only works under laboratory conditions, and important
components still need to be included. While chemical components such as oxygen, carbon, or hydrogen are present, the ingenious scientist has forgotten the human ingredients. So there is no communication, teamwork, respect, or mutual appreciation in the formula – and who would want to live and work in an atmosphere that lacks these essential components?

Amount of people: Starting from 6 persons
Timing: From 1.5 hours to a maximum of 2 hours
Location: In your buildings or at a location of your choosing
Solve the puzzles to discover the formula to create a perfect atmosphere
In your office, in ours or online?
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