Infinite Loop

The first virtual business game

A man is locked in the virtual world. Free him and bring him back!
Amount of people: 4 to 300
Timing: From 1,5h to a maximum of 2 hours
Location: In your buildings or at a location of your choosing

Game Play

Virtual Reality is the future. ‘The Odyssey’ is a company that wants to make it accessible to everyone. But it isn’t as innocent as it appears to be. Odyssey kidnaps users who are then locked up in the virtual world. You are divided into teams of ‘White Hackers’. ‘White Hackers’ are responsible for safety in the virtual world. While one person with VR glasses enters the virtual world and describes what they see, the others are given a manual with clues, tips and puzzles. Based on descriptions, they need to search for the solution.


Find the end code and open the cell. Communication is essential to free the locked-up man before it’s too late!

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