Operation Kabas

Operation Kabas is an escape game played outside in the city center of Mechelen. Each team gets exactly 150 minutes to leave the city of Mechelen, together with the one and only Opsinjoor doll.

Amount of people: 10 to 500
Timing: Maximum 90 minutes
Location: City centre of Mechelen

Game Play:

In order to escape, the participants are given a briefcase with all resources necessary to decipher hidden clues, crack codes and complete their mission. The goal is to escape Mechelen as quickly as possible and smuggle the Opsinjoor doll out at the same time. As the players get hints from seemingly uninvolved passers-by who are in fact part of the game, the lines between the game and reality are blurred in this innovative activity. From whom do you obtain your new passport photo and the stamps you need for your fake passport? And who will give your team the correct information about the location of the Opsinjoor?

When all puzzles have been solved and all clues have been picked up, the teams will find their way to the Opsinjoor. The first group to leave the city with the Opsinjoor wins.

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