A musical energiser

Energizer conference
Exploring excellence
Process improvement
Dinner event
Collaboration: uniting teams
Amount of people: 15 to 500
Timing: Maximum of 30 minutes
Location: In your building or at a location of your choosing

During this unique ice-breaker, the whole room plays a swirling percussive piece of music together. Follow the colour rhythm and play some recognisable hits together.

Game Play:

Every participant gets two colour-coded plastic tubes: Boomwhackers. Every different colour creates a different musical note. Participants follow the colour blocks on the visual interface, using timing and teamwork to hit their pipes to create the right musical notes every time a coloured block is indicated on the screen.

The end:

As the event progresses, the level of complexity rises and the tempo increases: the blocks move more quickly and the teams need to react faster and with more force to keep to the upbeat rhythm and reach the crescendo of the conference!

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