Beats work

Different Rhythmic Sessions combine one big Percussion Act

Amount of people: 15 to 300
Timing: Minimum 60 minutes, maximum 90 minutes
Location: In your buildings or a location of your choosing

Find yourself and your teammates in the same rhythm in a
global, collective percussion act. Loose yourself into the exotic rhythms of samba and rumba and speed up to higher achievements

Game play:

A specialized percussion master will learn you the different techniques and instruments used in a global percussion act. Divided in smaller breakout groups, each member gets it’s own rhythmic exercise. Stage after stage you will build up together a major play. Big fun.

After 45 minutes of excercising, all teams join together and the sambamaster will form one big, rhythmic act. Feel the full power of a collective force when each individual plays the same rhythm.

In your office, in ours or online?
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