Amount of people: 15 to 500
Timing: 1h30
Location: In your buildings or a location of your choosing

You think it is impossible to learn classical instruments in half an hour? Think again!

Learn to play the violin or the viola in one hour and a half? It sounds impossible. In Crescendo, our professional musicians take you on a musical adventure. No previous musical experience is required and your team will still achieve a beautiful result.

Game Play

Half of the group learns to play the violin while the other half take on the viola. Thanks to clear coaching and with simple techniques, they learn to play these classical instruments together in a single room. An ideal break during your meeting or conference. Or perhaps as a dinner activity …

After about an hour of practising, the participants are ready for the grand finale. The group flawlessly plays ‘Pour un Flirt’ by Michel Delpech as well as a spectacular rendition of Abba’s
‘Super Trouper’.

In your office, in ours or online?
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