Amount of people: 10 to 500 (teams of 5 to 8 players)
Timing: Maximum 3 hours
Location: IIn your buildings or a location of your choice

Complete a number of complex, three-dimensional challenges, with
integrity as a core assessment criteria.

Game Play

Participants are assigned to teams. They need to complete all kinds of brain-teasers. A referee from a different team is appointed to assess the performance and efforts to complete the challenges, with the assessment based on various criteria. The team members are given 25 minutes to successfully complete each of the tasks. Optimal communication and collaboration are a must. As soon as the time is up, the referee awards a score.

The roles are then switched: it’s time for the team members to assess the referee in a fair and honest manner. This is done by assigning ‘integrity stones’ at their own discretion. Building on classic problem-solving exercises, the integrity aspect adds a new dynamic to the game play here. Because it is not just the attempts to solve the brain-teasers, but also the non-neutral referees awarding the points who are being critically assessed.


Have all the brain-teasers been solved? The teams add up the scores for their efforts, as well as the ‘integrity stones’ that their referee has earned. The well-deserving winner is announced.