Knowing me, knowing you

The ultimate icebreaker!

Amount of people: 10 to 10 000
Timing: 30 to 45 minutes
Location: In your buildings or at a location of your choosing


In this game about getting to know people, you need to look for as many matches as possible between yourself and the other team players. Every match, whether it’s business or personal in nature, earns you points.

Game Play:

Fill in the personalised question form. During the activity, this will be your guide for entering into conversations with other participants. When you have a match with someone, you swap stickers with each other.

This activity is run over three rounds, with each round using a different colour sticker. In Round 1, you look for people with whom you have just one match. In Round 2, it’s more difficult: you need to find people with whom you have at least two matches. In Round 3, that becomes at least three matches. There are also bonus points for finding someone with whom you have four or more matches.