Making the News

In teams, you write up front-page news: tell the real story of your

Amount of people: 15 to 200
Timing: 2h30
Location: In your buildings or a location of your choosing
Game Play

Every team is led by a captain: the chief editor of the team’s newspaper. Just like at a real newspaper, the teams go in search of big stories. The subject: the day’s meeting. The tasks are divided: the reporters do interviews, the photographers try to take award-winning photos, and so forth. Don’t forget to decide on a powerful layout for your front page!

Discover your colleagues visions!
By integrating Making the News into a meeting, you emphasise the key subjects of the day. The teams publish an article with their own interesting vision on the subject. This is then printed to scale and shown to everyone. A nice little memento to hang up in the office!