Countdown to Christmas

A multicultural Christmas party!

Countdown to Christmas encourages cultural inclusion through development of awareness and understanding. Complete your challenges and score as many points as possible!

Amount of people: 4 – unlimited
Timing: 30 min – 45 min
Location: Online

Just like an advent calendar, players are presented with a wintery scene with hidden doors. Players open the doors on the advent calendar each one revealing a video from different parts of the globe. The video host gives interesting cultural facts on end-of-year celebrations in their part of the world. Players use this information to answer challenges that are timed, requiring rapid response, putting listening and interpretation skills to the test.

This activity has been designed especially for remote teams. If your team can’t be in the same city or the same physical space, its a great way to engage, motivate and connect your team.

Unify remote teams
Get to know each other
Strengthen bonds
Cement values