Heroes of Troy Online

Help Helen and Paris on their escape route out of Sparta to reach the
city of Troy.

This activity has been designed especially for remote teams. If your team can’t be in the same city or the same physical space, its a great way to engage, motivate and connect your team

Amount of people: 4 to 500
Timing: 2 to 4 hours

Game play

All participants are divided in teams. Each team must create their own army of super heroes during this team building and make a plan to get Paris and Helen safely into Troy. You will have 21 days (cycli) and will travel on an map through the ancient Greece where you will have to collect precious stones. Beware for storms and other armies. Teams are required to think tactically, be flexible and adapt their strategy to a variety of ever changing situations.

The team that will assemble after 21 days the biggest army of super heroes and that has collected the most precious stones, wins this team building activity.

super heroes team building
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