Race Around The World Festive

It’s all about Christmas!

The objective is to race through the night delivering toys to the children in as many countries as possible, before the dawn breaks.

Amount of people: 4 – 500
Timing: Maximum 1u30

The participants are divided into teams. 1 team member is Santa and the others take on the role of Elves. Teams complete festive themed challenges to earn carrots to keep the reindeer flying. The Elves can see the challenges but can’t input the answers. The Santas can input answers and take photos but don’t know the challenges until guided by the Elves. A bonus crate of carrots awaits the team who complete the ideal set of toys. A countdown clock on each of the six continent stages, maintains the pace.

The team to finish all the stages with the highest score wins!

Fun & motivation
Exploring team dynamics
Shared positive experience
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