Black Diamond

Crack the safe!

Amount of people: 20 tot 1000
Timing: Minimum of 2 hours, maximum of 8 hours
Location: In a city or location of your choice

Follow the ultra-secret training course to become a master thief. The team that performs best in our tests helps Jack Pickpocket to steal the most heavily guarded diamond in the world: ‘The Black Diamond’.

Game Play:

The training to become a master thief includes various tests, during which the teams learn the tricks of the trade. The teams are also challenged to get various codes. For each successfully completed test, each team gets small diamonds. The teams with the most diamonds are then invited to attempt to open a replica of the
diamond safe, built by Jack Pickpocket, specifically for practising. Which team will succeed in avoiding all the security systems?

The end:

In the final challenge, the winning teams turn off all the security systems for the safe. The team that succeeds in doing this may join Jack Pickpocket in the robbery of the century.