Let your team experience how it feels to be a smuggler. Try to sneak as many goods as possible over the border, all while customs is hot on your heels. Who will succeed in selling their goods without being caught?
Amount of people: 20 to 200
Timing: Maximum of 4 hours
Location: Westhoek, Maasland, Domein Bokrijk, Rotterdam
Game Play

Everything started at the Market Square in Damme. The old man Jozef Zaman explains how difficult it was for smugglers in the 1950s. He splits the participants into teams and gives them clear instructions: pick up the
goods to be smuggled in the Netherlands, cross the border unseen with butter, alcohol and cigars, then sell the products here for a great profit! During the journey, the local population will give tips and new assignments. But beware! Customs officers patrol the streets! Watch out!

“The team that brings in the most money wins!“