The Maffia

Who is worthy of the mafia?

Don Corleone, godfather of the dark Papalia family, invites your guests to spend the night at his otherwise hermetically closed-off property. It’s an offer you can’t refuse.

Upon arrival, the guests are waited on by mafioso who ask for a password. Then
there’s a check with a metal detector. Everything okay? The guests are then directed inside and offered an aperitif.

Once everyone is present, they are welcomed by Don Corleone and his illustrious
family. The godfather has a problem. From the many fights over the years, his clan has been thinned out. He is urgently looking for new members to join his famiglia.

Social team-building activity in which you get to know your colleagues better in a relaxed atmosphere.
Competitive elements create extra team spirit, group development and motivation.
An involving play with activities adapted to the group: a unique experience your guests will be talking about until long after.
Able to be personalised based on stories proposed by the client.

Who dares to take the challenge?

Don Corleone wants to test whether the guests are worthy of the family name and subjects them to a series of tests (e.g.
shooting, knife throwing, dismantling a bomb, deciphering codes, etc.). If your guests succeed in the tests, they are accepted into the family. If they fail, they will be … eliminated. Who dares to take on the challenge?

After the practical tests have concluded, the winning team will become a part of the famiglia. As for the other guests? Well,
no trace of them will ever be found again …

You can choose a short evening experience or an expanded day version of this event.