Drone Control

Amount of people: 8 to 500
Timing: 60 to 90 minutes
Location: In your building or at a location of your choosing (indoor)


Drone control is a fun and creative way to develop teams with technology. Throughout the exercise, teams must search for physical efficiencies to shave seconds off their final time.


Drone Control is an active team building event.Teams must carefully manoeuvre their drones through 8 ‘man-made’ obstacles between launch and launching pad. Teams start by interpreting the 8 illustrated obstacle cards that range in complexity.Teams interpret and plan the execution of their choreographed moves, who goes where, when and who does what. Each person is given an opportunity to fly the drone. Teams practise perfecting their moves before they take part in the final timed race.

The end

The winning team is the one that utilises each player and coordinates their movements with agility!

Key benefits

Decision Making
Energy & Focus
Team bonding
Team Dynamics
Competitive Spirit
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