Quickfire Halloween

Amount of people: 8 – unlimited
Timing: 1 to 2 hours
Location: At a location of your choice

Motivating & invigorating themed quiz

Quickfire Halloween is a themed quiz where teams weigh up risk and reward, collaborate with other teams, dress up and have spooky fun!

Teams invest in challenges with varying difficulty levels, aiming to complete as many challenges as possible to maximise points. The mental, creative and active tasks offered by the tablet menu come with various difficulty levels and take different forms – from individual quests to whole team challenges; some even require getting other teams involved.

To spice things up the game can be paused for on-stage challenges to boost the energy and award bonus points. The challenges include Halloween history trivia, active pumpkin activities, creative dress-ups and spooky makeup false perspectives, campfire tales and dancing!

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