Pyramid Quest

Pharaoh Cheops is cursed. Decipher an ancient Egyptian riddle and free the Pharaoh from his tomb.

Amount of people: 8 to 500
Timing: 45 to 60 minutes
Location: At your premises or a location of your choice

The ancient riddle can be solved using the latest technology: Augmented Reality. Each team is given a tablet and ancient manuscripts and hieroglyphs. The teams watch in amazement how the great Pyramid of Cheops rises above their table. There is a puzzle on each side of the pyramid. In combination with the documents, hieroglyphs and manuscripts, teammates need to draw on all their skills to find the solution.

By cracking the codes on the four sides of the pyramid, the teams free Pharaoh Cheops from his tomb! He is finally free and can go to the afterlife.
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