Dynamic Event Marketing company

Today, Event Masters is a dynamic event marketing company with an extensive events offering. Need an idea for a teambuilding or incentive? Maybe you want to organise a tailormade event or a conference? Want to push your boundaries with an event abroad? Event Masters offers a complete range of events.

How did Event Masters come to provide this extensive service? We’d be glad to take you on a trip through our history.

Event Masters was founded in 1995 and started with the organisation of 4×4 courses for individuals and companies. The company gradually developed its own team building concepts. Very adventurous in the beginning, but over time these teambuildings evolved into fixed concepts that offer valuable ‘learning outcomes’ for the client. From an adventurous event agency to an agency with a Teambuilding and Tailormade department under its roof, which now also takes care of customised events.

The incentive travel agency 2B Eventives was also founded in 1995 by Olivier Meyskens. Both companies turned out to be very complementary and decided to enter into a partnership in 2010. In January 2015, Bert Knuts, Johnny Machiels and Olivier Meyskens decided to merge and continue forward as one company.

'Missing piece of the puzzle'
In 2017, Event Masters expanded its departments and a PCO department was established. This was the missing piece of the puzzle in its total events offering, thereby guaranteeing a 360° approach. There is an ever-increasing proportion of international clients, and in addition to DMC services, Event Masters can also organise conferences, meetings and congresses at home and abroad.

In 2019 Event Masters made a Master Move and the company relocated to a newly constructed building with two large warehouses. As well as office space, the new property also offers sufficient space for the storage of various event material, audiovisual material and POS material from clients. This allows the company to react very quickly and increases flexibility. All services are now under one roof.


In 2023, Event Masters took a significant step forward with the opening of their new office in Ghent. This development is more than just a physical expansion; it represents their commitment to sustainability and forging close ties with the local community.

The heart of Event Masters beats to the rhythm of sustainability, a principle that is emphatically expressed in their Ghent establishment. From solar panels and LED lighting to rainwater recovery systems, every aspect of the building exudes ecological awareness. But their commitment to sustainability extends beyond their buildings; it is a philosophy they apply in building long-term, trustful relationships with customers, suppliers, and their own team.

“We’ve come a long way. Starting as a teambuilding company, being a full service event agency today. Today we know what Event Masters stands for: a service minded company with inhouse professionals where passion and quality come together.”


2001: Benelux Event Awards | Evenement Grand Public Registre Commercial
2007: Benelux Event Awards | GB
2008: Benelux Event Awards | AXA Belgium
2013: Benelux Event Awards | Bronze Winner
2016: Eurozone Partner Award Teambuilding | Catalyst Global
2018: Certificate of Excellence | Event Planner
2018: Travel Awards | Incentive Travel Agency of the Year
2019: Certificate of Excellence | Event Planner
2019: Teambuilding Industry Award | Catalyst Global
2019: Travel Awards | Best Professional Congress Organizer of the Year
2019: Travel Awards | Best Incoming Excellence of the Year
2020: Certificate of Excellence | Event Planner
2021: Certificate of Excellence | Event Planner
2021: Benelux Event Awards | Golden BEA Global Festival Game
2022: Certificate of Excellence | Event Planner
2023: Travelife Partner Award | Travellife
2023: Best Performing Agency Award | Catalyst Global
2023: Certificate of Excellence | Event Planner
2023: Travel Awards | MICE Agency of the Year
2023: BEA Awards | BEA Award for Inclusion
2023: BEA Awards | Bronze BEA Award