A golden BEA as icing on the cake for Event Masters' resilience and creativity

A golden BEA as icing on the cake for Event Masters’ resilience and creativity

On December 1, 2021, the Belgian Event Awards took place in Mechelen. Our very own online team building Global Festival Game received a nomination in the Business-to-Business category and we were finally also able to cash in on this award. The absolute crowning achievement for all the work of the past year and a half during which the team made a complete shift from live to digital.

Expertise in (online) team building

In 2020, we were suddenly faced with a new challenge: working from home became the norm. How do we monitor mental well-being? How do we stay connected? How do we create a sense of community? Ever since the start of the Corona crisis, we have been urging employers to not let their team down and to engage in valuable online teambuilding.

When we started hearing about the canceled festival season in early 2021, it inspired us to develop an entirely new online team-building event that would create that festival feeling and help employees feel connected with each other. By that time, we had already organized more than 235 online team building events, which meant we had the right experience to make this a success.

“After 25 years of organizing team building events, we are on the stage of the BEA Awards with a team building concept. That is why I can only be so extremely proud of our top team. We have gone through a hell of a time, we have asked a lot from everyone, received a lot and given as much as possible. We have proven that we are resilient and creative during these uncertain times and this BEA is an amazing reward. We keep on rocking!” – Johnny Machiels

The Global Festival Game – a tribute to Belgian festival culturer

The Global Festival Game is a real success. After its launch in the international team building network Catalyst, this activity has already been played in 15 countries by companies like Deloitte, Facebook, Microsoft, Procter and Gamble and Proximus. The game and the activity have been translated into Spanish, Romanian, Finnish and French, among others.

It’s fantastic to be able to share our Belgian festival culture with the world this way. And there’s more: music brings us closer together and that’s exactly what we wanted the participants to experience during this team building event. You can also visit 7 stages, each with their own genre. Participants solve riddles and challenges: complete song lyrics, make their own videos and photos, solve quiz questions together about various artists,….

In the future, we certainly would not rule out a hybrid or live version of this team building event. What’s more, a number of countries are already experimenting with this.

The golden BEA is a crowning achievement for the resilience of the entire Event Masters team for making that shift to digital and for the team building department for creating a valuable team building event that has already brought so much fun and relaxation to a lot of colleagues who are working from home.