BEA Awards 2019: New logo and new concept

BEA Awards 2019: New logo and new concept

The organisers of the BEA Awards, the annual competition that rewards the best live communication and event projects, have unveiled the logo and the new concept for the 21st edition.

At the beginning of December, the organisation of the BEA Awards closed the registrations for the competition. This edition features 33 live communication projects, carried out by 20 different Belgian agencies.

After the evaluation material has been collected, the competition continues in January and the 18 judges will appear on the scene. During the online evaluation, they are given the task of proclaiming the final projects. These nominated cases will be presented live and publicly on 27 March 2019 in the Lamot Congress and Heritage Center. On that same day, the 21st ceremony of the BEA Awards will open its doors from 6:00 pm in the Nekkerhal.

Share the Spotlight

Following a market survey at the end of the 20th edition, the BEA Awards team announced a series of major changes in July. So it was on the basis of these fundamentally revised guidelines that Event Masters, the organiser of the next edition, got started this autumn.

The BEA team is now proud to present its concept for 2019, namely: ‘Share the Spotlight’. It is a concept that aims to turn the BEA ceremony into an event which of course celebrates the competition’s winners, but at the same time highlights all other players within the B2B events industry: the agencies, the clients and the suppliers.

“Regardless of the role that we fulfil in this sector, we all have common motivations and interests,” explains Bert Knuts of Event Masters. “Together, we make the event sector what it is. That is why, during the BEA ceremony, every agency deserves to share this ‘spotlight’. Not just the agencies that won, but also those who made it to the finals, those who participated, those in the venue and of course all the other people who are active in the events sector.”

“Event Masters has fully understood the essence of its mission“
~ JP Talbot, Experience Magazine

“It is inherent in planning an event to include an element of surprise, so we won’t yet reveal how this concept will manifest during the evening,” JP Talbot says, “but we can already confirm that Event Masters has fully understood the essence of its mission: to make the BEA a celebration of the sector, an evening that is representative of the event sector and in which inspiration and networking take centre stage. It was our ambition to create the BEA 2.0, and we will undoubtedly succeed!”

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