Bert Knuts elected as new Chairman of the ACC Expert Center Event Marketing

During their quarterly meeting, the members of the ACC Expert Center Event Marketing elected Bert Knuts as their new Chairman for a period of three years.

Bert Knuts, the CEO of Event Masters, will take over from Pascal Cauwelier of Fast Forward who has been at the helm of the Expert Center, which has 32 Event Marketing agencies, since 2017.

Pascal Cauwelier: “Since we joined ACC, the number of affiliated event agencies has almost doubled from 18 to 32, and at the same time, the professionalism and collegiality have increased enormously. A good illustration of this is the recent success of the Belgian event agencies who took home the most prestigious and highest number of Awards at the BEAWORLD Festival.”

Johan Vandepoel: “As the organiser of the previous BEA Awards (the local edition of BEA WORLD) with the theme “Share the spotlight”, Bert is one of the founders of the new dynamics and solidarity among the event agencies; he is therefore the perfect new Chairman for us.”

Bert Knuts:

“We should be proud of the expertise and quality of our sector. Together we strengthen each other, after all. I would hereby like to champion more connection and less grimness. This is about daring to share knowledge among each other, collaborating with our suppliers with respect, correctly negotiating with clients, and making a strong and positive commitment to society. Healthy competition is good and even makes for better events, but that ‘competition’ must also be regulated. And that’s what we’re working hard on at ACC.”

“It’s high time we stepped out of the shadows… and put ourselves in the spotlight!“

Finally, Bert would like to point out that events today, more than ever, and rightly, claim a full role within the marketing mix. We are no longer the ‘little brother’ of the communication agencies! Everyone is talking about experience marketing and creating ‘brand experiences’. The members of our expert center have been doing no different for years and are – naturally – certain about this. It’s high time we stepped out of the shadows… and put ourselves in the spotlight!