Event Masters Teamtraining accredited by the SME Portfolio

Event Masters Teamtraining accredited by the SME Portfolio for team coaching

Event Masters always aim for a higher level, whether the event is focused on internal communication, bringing peace and cohesion to employee relations, or optimising a creative working atmosphere. With the SME Portfolio accreditation, the company is taking another step forward, firmly establishing itself in the coaching and training industry. for team coaching.

Teamtraining: incorporating fun and learning

Teamtraining is a combination of training (team coaching) and entertainment, offering a multifaceted approach to teambuilding. While employees perform various activities, trained observers monitor their behaviour and body language. Afterwards, a certified coach merges the results in an improvement process with tangible measures. Teamtraining takes place in four stages: intake, observation, coached teambuilding and thorough debriefing. The added value of the concept is that it reveals shortfalls and improvement areas in a fun, interactive and informal context.

Managing Partner Johnny Machiels: ‘Teamtraining is a brand new concept with a unique coaching style. We offer the same well-founded theory, in a practically oriented context. Social learning, which is at the core of this programme, is its biggest strength, bridging the gap between knowledge and behavioural change.’ As the participants are totally immersed in activities, their spontaneous behaviour can be observed, leading to better insight and results.

Registered Training Provider via the SME portfolio

Event Masters’ Teamtraining programmes have been officially recognized by VLAIO. This means that by following an Teamtraining programme, companies may qualify for a discount of up to 40 per cent via the SME Portfolio—a hefty subsidy. An Teamtraining activity including location hire is even more economical than a teambuilding event on its own.

The offer

Event Masters offers a couple of teamtraining programmes in four categories: team communication, role assignment, group cohesion and personality development. Each programme focuses on a specific aspect depending on the company’s needs. As a pragmatic learning module, Teamtraining was already popular in large companies. Thanks to the SME accreditation, small and medium companies can now reap the benefits as well.