International meeting with team building experts from around the world

International meeting with Catalyst Global teambuilding experts from around the world

Last week, a delegation from Catalyst Global Teambuilding visited our offices in Willebroek. We exchanged team building tips and tricks with 30 organisation members from 13 different countries.

What is Catalyst Global Teambuilding?

Catalyst Global Teambuilding is a worldwide network of team building experts. In fact, it’s the biggest network in the industry, with carefully selected members only. The organisation shares concepts from all over the world, which can be organised in any of the participating countries. Their partner of choice for Belgium? Event Masters!

Catalyst’s way of working has many advantages. From local, culture-specific knowledge and lower expenses to high-quality output. Catalyst regularly organises trainings for its members to acquaint them with its concepts and guarantee smooth execution and success.

‘The Coolest offices’

Our Catalyst membership is very important to us. We scheduled a meeting at our offices, inviting 30 experts from 13 countries. From the UK, Switzerland and Israel to Romania, Portugal and Slovenia. The main objective of the meeting was to learn from one another.

After an inspiring breakfast we headed to our meeting location ‘Distillery Molenberg’. Then we went to our office, which is also worth a visit. One of our guests said it was one of the coolest offices ever! We showed our storage facility and talked about our own event concepts such as Black Diamond, the Heritage and The Race.

Why we meet

An international network allows us to exchange views and experiences. We talked about the customer life cycle and how we engage and hold on to clients. We discussed the most popular team buildings globally: Beat the Box and Go Team. We tested the new Quickfire concept – which fits in perfectly with the football world cup – and recorded a teaser movie.

Why Catalyst is so important

The network offers excellent opportunities, fosters knowledge sharing and guarantees the best possible events for our customers.