Our recruitment process

In a few steps, you will become a real master.

Recruiting at Event Masters? That’s without any fuss for sure. You can expect some honest and open conversations. Because to be fair? You are a step ahead in our tight job market. And we are convinced that everyone with a great passion for events can come to us. You’ll never want to leave.

1. Find the appropriate profile and apply

Applying for a job can be done in several ways. Want to be original and creative, be our guest! Don’t want to put in so much extra effort? Well, you must have a great resume and cover letter then. You can apply by post or post pigeon at our address: Brownfieldlaan 37-1, 2830 Willebroek. Or by mail to jobs@eventmasters.eu. We are especially interested in what makes you unique.

2. Screening

This ons sounds so serious, doesn’t it? We will carefully review all applications and will give you a heads up to let you know we received your application. Depending on the hustle and bustle, we’ll speak to the right people in our office to see if we want to invite you. IN ANY CASE, you will get an answer. That is what we stand for.

3. Interview

Hooray! You are about to meet us. We are just as nervous as you are and we will prepare the interview carefully. You will meet the responsible of your future team and we will listen to what you have to say. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to fire a whole lot of questions at us.

4. Offer

Do we have a match? You will receive an offer we are happy to discuss with you. This way you can make an informed decision. Of course, we hope you will say ‘yes’!

5. Welcome!

On your first day, our office manager will welcome you and you will receive ALL the info you need. This can be a little overwhelming, but we’re sure you’ll find your way quickly. Our colleagues are happy to help. You will get to know all the insights of our company and meet your team. In short: everything you need to become a real master.