4 ways to boost employee commitment

4 ways to boost employee commitment

Have you tried out strategies for increasing productivity at work? And have they somehow failed to live up to your expectations? Perhaps some of your employees have even become apathetic and are going through their daily motions showing no interest at all. Don’t worry: by addressing the following four issues you can positively impact employee engagement!

1. Listen

All solutions start in the same way – with listening. Show interest in your employees and listen to their concerns. Address them in one-on-one meetings to find out their needs and issues they are facing. Also make sure your business has a compelling vision for the future, and your employees know how and where they fit in.

2. Reward

Social rewards are a strategic initiative for employee engagement. You can bring about cultural change and stimulate desired behaviour if you offer something extra such as free lunch, drinks, dessert, … No occasion is necessary: simply show genuine appreciation on a regular basis throughout the year. Event Masters recently organised an Employee Day. Small treats and surprises made employees feel truly valued.

3. Train

Teamtraining helps you to reveal your company’s internal operations and find out which communication style works best. Event Masters developed the teamtraining concept as a teambuilding activity that bridges the gap between learning and fun, while a coach observes your team. Teamtraining uncovers individual and group efficiency and gives you important insight in your co-workers while they are having a great time. Bonus: you receive a step-by-step action plan.

4. Organize a teambuilding

Teambuilding activities can improve communication, collaboration and morale in an entertaining way.

We developed a bunch of teambuilding events and teamtraining programs to improve loyalyy and boost employee commitment loyalty. Ready to start building a great committed team? Go for it!

Bron: Orangeworks