Becoming an Event Master

The search for an internship

The search for an internship is often long and difficult. You want to make sure you find a place where you can learn and have some fun at the same time. My ideal internship: an agency that had ‘event’ written all over it.

After an eleven-week internship I can safely say that I found exactly what I was looking for at Event Masters. And I’m not just saying that to flatter them …

“Help, what am I going to wear?“

If someone had told me that I could feel right at home on the first day, I wouldn’t have believed it. And yet, I did. My colleagues immediately gave me a good feeling and a sense of belonging.

I was anxious and suffering from the first-day jitters: clammy hands, worried about what to wear, a lump in my throat, … Of course, I arrived way too early. So I just sat there in my car, embarrassingly early, waiting until it was okay to go in.

Hello team teambuilding!

I spent my training period at the teambuilding division: a top team committed to creating amazing experiences and strengthen team ties. Perhaps that’s why I felt so comfortable immediately – after all, it’s their job to help build bonds. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only newbie: there were two of us in anxious anticipation.

Event Masters is one of the most versatile event agencies I know. Companies can call upon them for tailor-made events, incentives, destination management and teambuilding – a dream opportunity for trainees because you learn about all different aspects of the event world.

Work hard, play hard

I have learnt a great deal: from making budgets and doing fieldwork to interpreting briefs, connecting with customers and even making phone calls – everything that comes with organising events. Great, isn’t it?

There was time for both business and pleasure at Event Masters. We laughed a lot during our drives to events and when we shared lunch. I startled the first time I heard the bell: each time an event is confirmed, they sound the gong so that everybody around can share in the celebration. Sometimes we had a dog at the office. Sporty persons could join the Road Runners twice a week. And then there was ‘champi Friday’ – in short, enough reasons to do an internship at Event Masters!

I survived my traineeship, call me master now

The experience has enriched my life. I’ve gained insight in the functioning of an event agency. I’ve discovered how fascinating the business is and how much it appeals to me. Admittedly, you regularly work long hours and the logistics in setting up and dismantling can be tough. It’s a life at full speed and you’re always working behind the scenes. But it’s well worth the effort and always exciting.

Lisa Dupond
Communication manager